Benicia police solve 5-year-old cold-case, sex-assault of elderly woman

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Benicia Police say a five-year-old cold case sexual assault of an elderly woman was solved and a suspect is in custody.

Detectives cracked the case Wednesday with cooperation from other law enforcement agencies, according to police. 

Police say a 64-year-old Benicia woman was sexually assaulted on October 31, 2013 after an unknown assailant forced his way into the victim's home. 

The suspect fought back and police at the time were able to collect blood evidence DNA samples. 

It was not until this month that police received the DNA identity of 34-year-old Alexander Haynes. He was arrested in University Place in the State of Washington for a burglary. When his DNA was entered in that case, the match to the earlier assault in Benicia was confirmed. 

Haynes was a Benicia resident at the time of attack. 

"This was realized this week by good work of our detectives, and the great assistance by other law enforcement agencies," a police statement posted to Benicia P.D.'s Facebook page read.

Police say Benicia detectives obtained a $250,000 arrest warrant with extradition orders for Haynes. Detectives flew to Washington from Benicia to serve the arrest warrant and the suspect was arrested. 

On Wednesday, Benicia detectives flew to the State of Washington to serve the arrest warrant in collaboration with detectives and officers from Pierce County Sheriff's Department and University Place Police Department.

Haynes was taken into custody and booked into Pierce County Jail where he awaits extradition to California where he faces charges.