Berkeley family of four awakens to bullets ripping through their living room

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Carlos and his family were asleep inside their apartment when three to four bullets tore through their living room window at 10th and Delaware streets in Berkeley around 1:30 Sunday morning.

“We went running, we didn't know what to do,” Carlos told KTVU in Spanish. 

When they heard the gunfire they ran into their children’s room. Their daughters, ages 6 and 3, were physically unharmed, but are terrified by what happened overnight.  

Carlos and his wife suffered cuts to their legs from the flying glass when the bullets went through the window. Neighbors say the gunfire woke them up.

“I heard really loud gunshots,” said Tracey Iglehart, a neighbor. “I counted them and I think it was about 6, 7, maybe 8.”

“I just heard a bunch of loud bangs, but it's been pretty common around here lately,” said neighbor Steve Dechina. “Wondering whether it was gunshots or fireworks.”

A Berkeley police lieutenant told KTVU a 19-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the toe.

He was transported to the hospital and is expected to be ok.

Police said as far as they know there wasn't any party or gathering going on when this happened.

Berkeley police have not named any suspects and have made no arrests.