Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for president

Almost one week since suspending his presidential bid, Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden for president on Monday. 

Sanders announced during a live stream with the presumptive Democratic nominee and former vice president, Biden, that it's time to end Trump's reign. 

Sanders told Biden, "We have to make Trump a one-term president and we need you in the White House," Sanders told Biden.

The backing is a crucial development for Biden, who must bridge the Democratic Party's ideological divide to unify voters against Trump in the fall. Biden and Sanders, a leading progressive, clashed throughout the primary over policy issues such as the “Medicare for All” universal health care plan.

The endorsement stands in contrast to the extended 2016 fight between Sanders and Hillary Clinton, who became the nominee that year. Sanders endorsed Clinton, but only after the end of a drawn-out nominating fight and amid a bitter fight over the Democratic platform that extended to the summer convention.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.