Big brother surprises 5-year-old sister with a fairy tale themed photo shoot

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The bond between siblings can be among the strongest, most loving, and purest connections.

That essence may have been captured in a series of photos that has received a lot of attention and shared numerous times around the internet.

Mom and professional photographer Christina Angel took the photos after her son came up with the idea as a birthday surprise for his 5-year-old sister Belle, who regards her older brother as her very best friend, according to Angel.

"Anthony and Belle are the closest among all 7 of my children," the mom explained.

Angel also notes that her 13-year-old son struggles with depression. " isn't always easy for him to be light and joyful… Enter Belle," she wrote in an article about the photo shoot.

Belle, whom she describes as carefree and effervescent, generates a light that she uses to shine on Anthony "when he finds himself in dark places," Angel said.

The photographer describes how she was online, looking at costumes, when Anthony noticed one for a prince. 

That's when he came up with the photo shoot idea for his sister who had just had her fifth birthday.

Belle's surprise came when her brother showed up and came into the room dressed as a prince. And then he pulled out a new princess gown for Belle.

The little girl was beaming. "I can't explain the joy on her face," the mom said.

Angel told her daughter that her brother had planned a princess photo shoot for her birthday. She then took her children to a nearby garden to take the photos.

The fairy tale theme was played out throughout the shoot, as big brother stayed in character as the prince.

Anthony made sure his little sister wouldn't trip on her gown by carrying her from one location to the next.

He would spin her around as Belle took in every moment of it. "...she would giggle and hug him between every shot. She felt like a real princess, and her happiness is easy to see in her face in every photo," wrote Angel.

The little girl wasn't the only one who was beaming. Her delight brought out the joy in her brother, something their mother calls an absolute gift.

"When you have a child who battles with themselves day after day, there is nothing you wouldn't pay to see them smile."

As a photographer, Angel said she could not be happier with the product.

"When they were done, they were perfect to me," she said.

And as a mother, the whole experience left Angel emotional and glowing with pride for her son and his kind and loving ways. She said it was a challenge finishing the shoot through all her tears.