Biracial twins - 1 white, one black - celebrate birthday with princess party

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Two very special twin sisters recently celebrated their first birthday.

We first reported on fraternal twins Kalani Dean and Jarani Dean of Quincy earlier this year. Fraternal twins are known for having distinct physical features, and in some cases those differences are more noticeable than others. In this case biracial twins Kalani Dean and Jarani Dean are gaining a lot of attention because one appears black and the other white, according to their mother Whitney Meyer.

Meyer is white, while her partner, Tomas Dean, is black. Meyer tells KTVU, "I hope my daughters inspire everyone to treat everyone equal. In my house we go by, we're all equal. Love is love. I really wanted people to see the twins because it is so rare and cute! You can't look at one twin and not love the other."

The girls celebrated their birthday with a royal princess-themed party on Saturday. Family and friends attended the party for the girls. The kids were given tiaras, bracelets and clip on earrings so they could all pretend to be princesses.

Meyer picked out a special cake topper for the party with two princesses - one resembling Kalani and the other - Jarani. Meyer told KTVU, "I wanted their toppers to resemble them. I really love to embrace who they are. Kids have so much low self-esteem these days sometimes I do worry one may think one is prettier than the other. So I want to embrace it early so they know how beautiful they are."

Meyer is happy the story of her daughters is being spread, so they will have beautiful memories to look back on.