Biting dog sought by SFPD

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Here's the Rap Sheet for Feb. 26, 2016:

BITE AND RUN: San Francisco police today asked for the public's help in finding a dog and its owner after the animal bit another dog owner in Golden Gate Park.

The incident happened Feb. 8 as the victim was playing fetch with his two dogs. As he bent over to retrieve a ball to toss to his dogs, an 80-pound dog described as a gray pit bull with a patch of white on its chest approached him and bit the man on his right calf, police said.

That knocked him off balance and onto the ground, authorities said. The man put up his left arm to defend himself, and that's when the dog "clamped down on his forearm," police said.

The victim began punching the dog to get it to let go, and the animal then bit the man on his right arm, authorities said.

A woman who apparently owned the dog gained control of it and "assured the victim that she wouldn't leave" before she provided her identification and proved that her dog had been vaccinated for rabies, police said.

But instead, the woman left. She is described as Latina or white, 5 feet 3 to 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 200 pounds, with short black hair and thin-framed rectangular-shaped glasses.

She and her dog fled the scene in a white 2006 Ford Explorer with a license plate ending in "B694," police said.

Police released a photo of a similar-looking dog.

Anyone with information is asked to call police Sgt. Sherry Hicks at (415) 558-5524 or e-mail

WINE ROBBERY SUSPECT WHIZZES, RAZZES COPS: A suspect was arrested after he allegedly stole a bottle of wine, pepper-sprayed a store employee, was caught urinating by San Francisco police and then taunted officers, police said.

The incident happened at the Safeway store at 7th Avenue and Cabrillo Street in the city's Richmond District about 9:40 p.m. Sunday.

Store employees saw the man walking out without paying for a bottle of wine, said police Capt. Simon Silverman.

They confronted him, and he pepper-sprayed an employee and ran away, police said.

Police spotted the suspect nearby as he was urinating between two parked cars.

""Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go," Silverman quipped in his station's newsletter.

Officers detained him and asked for his name. "You’re the police, figure it out," he told them, police said.

Silverman said the suspect  was easily identified because he was on probation for theft with priors.

"In fact, his record was so extensive that when the officers tried to run his criminal history on their computer, they received an error message that it was too big to be sent electronically and had to be mailed to the station," Silverman said.

ALLEGED COPPER THIEVES NABBED: Two men were caught red-handed stealing copper from a PG&E box in Milpitas, police say.

The incident began about 11:50 p.m. Feb. 18 when a citizen called police, saying two suspicious men were taking something out of a utility box and that the light pole at Ben Rodgers Park had just gone dark.

Officers found one of the men, Raymond Willman, 29 of Manteca hiding in a bush, police said.

The other suspect, Adam Martinez, 40, of San Jose fled on foot but was arrested, authorities said. Police found a bundle of freshly-cut copper wire in the park and determined that copper wiring to several light poles near the park had been cut or damaged, police said.

Both were booked at Santa Clara County Jail on suspicion of grand theft, felony vandalism, conspiracy and drug-related offenses.

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