Bob's Donuts baker critically injured in San Francisco hit-and-run

A beloved San Francisco baker is fighting for his life after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver over the weekend. 

Jesus Zamudio is a father, a husband, and baker at Bob's Donuts . He never made it to work at Bob's on Baker Street early Sunday. 

San Francisco police said Zamudio was riding his electric scooter at Duboce Avenue and Guerrero Street around 3 a.m. April 21, when a car struck him and took off. 

He was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The accident left Zamudio unconscious. 

His family and coworkers are heartbroken.  

"I cried when I heard that... it happened, but we just like a family around here," said cashier Bessie Ferreira. "I feel really bad about him that this happened because I've known him for so long and we worked together for so long, and he's a good, kind person and he's a good baker." 

Ferreira said over the last three years, she often worked alongside Zamudio. 

"When I'm alone here as a cashier, he helps me everything, consolidate the donuts, taking care of the window and taking care of the DoorDash," she added. 


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He worked seven days a week at the Polk Street and Baker Street locations, according to his cousin Erik Martinez Ramirez. 

He followed in Zamudio's steps and began working at Bob's Donuts a few months ago.

Through an interpreter, he said he'd recently visited Zamudio in the hospital, where he had surgery.

"When they went in, they saw him, he was sedated, so he was very sad to see him in that bed, because he's a very strong and hardworking man," he said through an interpreter. 

Martinez Ramirez said Zamudio was his family's main provider, and supported his wife and two young children in Mexico.

He added that while Jesus didn't vocalize safety concerns regarding his commute, he recently told him that he wanted to buy a helmet.

"He was going to order it with a friend, and I guess he didn't have time to order it," said Martinez Ramirez through the interpreter. 

"When you're riding a scooter, make sure you're always wearing a helmet no matter what," said Ferreira. 

San Francisco police are looking for leads in the case.

His family has a message for the hit-and-run driver. "Just to come forward and for him to pay for what he did," said Martinez Ramirez. 

The family-owned business and Bob's Donuts manager Roberto Vallejo have put together a gofundme to help pay for Zamudio's medical bills, support his family, and navigate this crisis.