Body found in marina may be man who went missing from Levi's Stadium

The Santa Clara County Medical Examiner is working to identify a body found in a marina not far from Levi's Stadium. This comes after a fan, 32-year old Ian Powers of Spokane, went missing from last week's 49ers game

Powers family has been waiting desperately for answers. So have Santa Clara police.

Levi's Stadium camera's caught him exiting the parking lot on foot. He hasn't been seen since.

Capt. Wahid Kazem of the Santa Clara Police says, "Here we stand almost a week later still not knowing exactly what happened to Mr. Powers."

But there has been a development. Saturday near the Alviso Marina, fisherman discovered a body. It was an adult male, fully clothed.

And while no ID has been released, the proximity to Levi's Stadium raised a red flag for Santa Clara Police.

Kazem says, "One of the areas that we have not been able to clear is the waterways. Specifically there's a couple of creeks and the Guadalupe River that run in that proximity."

The helicopter that would have searched them was grounded all week due to the smoky air.
And so police did they best they could on foot, in all-terrain vehicles and with K-9s.

Powers' loved ones joined the search last week too. 

His uncle Sean Powers says, "We've checked the hospitals. We've checked the jails. And he's not in any of the places around here not even under John Doe."

His girlfriend Chelsea Robbins says, "There's no way that he knows where he is and who he is and didn't find a way to call by now. There's just no way."

They say Powers, an Army Veteran, is the definition of reliable: the kind of person who is devoted to the people he loves.

He had been at the game with his girlfriend and her kids when they got separated. His loved ones still can't understand what happened.

Capt. Kazem says "Right now the most important thing is to find out where he's at and to bring some closure to this case, if at all possible, for the family."