Border collies hug it out on Facebook

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Border collies Dewey and Blaze are known to their online followers for their ability to perform wild stunts and win obedience competitions. 

The pair, based in Texas, took to Facebook February 2 to remind followers to give hugs during the Valentine's Day month. 

Dewey and Blaze's owner, Jenisa Myers said the doggie duo competes in competitions all over Texas and have won many awards.

However, Myers said the video of their hug is the first wide-spread recognition they have received. 

When asked about her inspiration for the video of her furry friends' hug, she said, "I wanted to share something cute with the world."

Dewey turns 8 years old in February and Blaze is 3. The two have been together since Blaze was a puppy.

Meyers said Blaze is the more courageous of the two and is more likely to be seen jumping off objects into his owners' arms, or riding on a skateboard. Meanwhile, Dewey knows more than 100 commands. 

The video of the dogs hugging seems to be a fan favorite, surpassing 500,000 shares in just a week. 

In a similar post Super Bowl Sunday, Dewey and Blaze put their big game differences aside to give each other a hug, donning the jerseys of their favorite teams.