Boy, 17, arrested after mother, activist killed in Richmond

She was a mother of four and an activist for change. The life of Kishana Harley, better known by just "Harley," ended on July 19 when she was killed in her Richmond apartment.  

After weeks of searching, police say a 17-year-old teen was arrested Tuesday night in connection with her death.  She was burned stabbed to death in her apartment. Police have not said what the motive was or if the two knew each other. He was interviewed and booked at Juvenile Hall  The Contra Costa County District Attorney has yet to release his exact charges.  

"We got to a point where an arrest could be made," said Richmond Police Chief Allwyn Brown. "It's a pretty important milestone. Not a victory celebration, there's still a lot of work to be done." 

Harley's friends have tried to help find justice for her.

Jack Bryson was once engaged to Harley. Since her death, he's worked with police to help capture her killer. He says how she died is unforgivable.

"You brutally stabbed somebody and then you try to set them on fire. There's no understanding to that,"  Bryson said.  "I'm just glad that the police did good work this time around and did their job very well.  I do commend them for that," added Harley's friend, Rick Perez.  

His words of praise will come as a surprise to some.  For nearly four years Perez has criticized Richmond police ever since his unarmed son was shot and killed by a Richmond officer in 2014.

The officer claimed that Richard "Pedie" Perez tried to grab his gun and that's why he fatally shot him.

The officer who is no longer with the department was found justified for the shooting.

The Perez family disagreed and always thought he should be prosecuted.  So did Harley which is how the family bonded.  "She was a thorn in the police's side. She read them their rights quite often," says Perez.  

Some say it was Harley's heart that could have led to her death.

 "I could see how she could look at that guy like he was her child and probably want to help him and She was very trusting," says Perez, adding that he's glad an arrest has been made.  

"It won't bring Harley back. We'll always miss her but the police did a good job," says Patricia Perez.