Boy fed up with potholes in his neighborhood, fixes them himself

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Sometimes the quickest way to deal with a problem is to fix it yourself. That's the attitude of a 12-year-old Michigan boy who is patching up roads in his community, one pothole at a time.

Monte Scott said he's been so fed up with the torn up roads near his home, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

So he picked up a shovel and giant garbage bin filled with dirt and started walking up and down his street, filling potholes to help even out the road.

"I didn't want people, like, messing up their cars like my mom did," Monte said, "because, like, if somebody were to drive down the street, hit a pothole, mess up their car, spend like $600, $700 on their car to get it fixed, they would be mad," he explained. 

The child is working diligently to fix the roads and has figured out a process to make the repairs.

"The loose stone, I get some of it and put it in a pothole and pat it down and make sure it's all even," Monte explained. "Then I get some dirt, scoop it and put into the middle and level it out."

His mother said this proactive approach is very much how her son operates.

"He didn't ask anybody to do them," said Monte's mother. "He just took it upon himself to do it and that's just the type of kid he is. When he sees there's a problem or a need and he thinks he can fix it, he'll try to fix it," Trinell Scott added.

So far the 12-year-old has filled more than a dozen potholes near his home, and he has no plans to stop. 

"I'll keep doing it," the child said, "to keep helping the community out."