Boy sleeps on couch while burglars ransack home

A brazen home burglary in Las Vegas, Nevada was caught on a home security camera.

The burglars entered the house twice, and rifled through the owner's belongings, all while a nine-year-old boy was fast asleep on the couch. 

"I was panicking at the moment because I couldn’t believe someone came within feet of my son," said homeowner Mark Lenhart after he watched the surveillance video. 

The video shows the family dog react to the intruders by barking and jumping around. It even licked the boy's face, but the child did not stir. 

"You see somebody there and you still proceed to take things that don’t belong to you and then scurry out of here," Lenhart said. 

The burglars stole an X-Box, wallet and the owner's car keys. They escaped in the owner's 2015 Dodge Journey.

Lenhart said he accidentally left his car unlocked and the burglars entered his home using his garage door opener.