Boys and Girls club of Contra Costa burglarized, thieves make off with $20,000 in computer equipment

Thieves stole $20,000 in computer equipment from the Boys & Girls Club of Contra Costa on March 20. 

The organization said the Moose Lodge, which owns the entire property, informed staffers Tuesday morning that the back storage unit was open. When staff members checked, they found the unit’s lock was broken and several boxes of computers, monitors, keyboards, and educational materials were missing. 

"Once we went through to see what was missing, it became evident that it was all of the computer equipment, all of the expensive stuff,” said Boys & Girls Club of Contra Costa CEO, Dana Fraticelli. 

The Boys & Girls Club staff said they contacted the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office and filled out a report online. 
"What's interesting is normally the gate is locked at night, so it's a little bit puzzling as to how and when they got in,” said Fraticelli. 

On Wednesday, March 28, staff members said it appeared that someone again tried to enter the storage unit. It’s placed away from surveillance cameras. The Boys & Girls Club has insurance, but it’s unclear when the organization can replace the computer equipment and if the theft will have a negative impact on summer programs that start in June. 

“It could potentially have impact on our programs, but I would like to say it absolutely isn't, because we can't let it,” said Fratecilli. “We have a responsibility, a commitment to serve the kids. We're going to run summer programs."

The Boys & Girls Club of Contra Costa said it’s planning a summer camp in El Sobrante, but has yet to announce a location.