Brawl at Contra Costa County Fair leads to chaperone policy

Videos posted on social media show how chaos erupted at the Contra Costa County Fair in Antioch Saturday. There were huge brawls involving young people who appear to be teenagers. People are seen screaming, throwing punches, and pulling hair. 

The fair closed early that night because of the sprawling violence.

"I saw this one video of a person passed out on the floor. Like people were getting jumped. And that’s not a good environment," said Aryana, who was visiting the fair. 

The Contra Costa County sheriff's office told KTVU that the crowd scattered when deputies arrived Saturday to investigate the reports of the fights.

"As the deputies approached the scene, the juveniles fled to other areas of the fair and continued fighting," the sheriff's office statement said. "Deputies were unable to locate any victims as the juveniles ran away."

The sheriff did not specific if anyone was arrested. 

On Sunday, the Contra Costa County Fair announced a policy that required chaperones to accompany minors starting at 5 p.m.

"We want to ensure that the Fair remains a SAFE and FUN environment for all families and friends to gather and make memories…ALL youth must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding," a statement from fair officials read.

"Chaperoning is good so the kids can be safe and everyone can have a good time," said Mayra Contreras who was chaperoning her son and daughter. 

The adults we talked to said they were happy to tag along. 

"It’s always a safety thing for me," said Kristin Imperiale. 

Imperiale was accompanying her granddaughter and a few of her friends. 

"I give my granddaughter and her friends maybe about 10 feet of space and kind of lay back. But if anything happens I’m right there for them. So I think it’s a good idea," said Imperiale. 

"I don’t think it’s really that fair, to be honest," said Aryana. "Kids our age, like people get into fights, but it doesn’t mean all of us fight, if that makes sense."

Fair officials did not say what may have caused the incidents. 

Aryana added the fair should be a safe place where people can have fun. 

"I’m personally here to have fun. I’m not coming to fight," said Aryana. 

There were security guards by the entrance and inside the fairgrounds. Visitors had to walk through metal detectors. And there were signs telling people their bags would be searched. A fair worker told KTVU things got so bad Saturday, they closed down the fair two hours early. 


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