Brentwood: Son arrested on suspicion of killing his mother

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BRENTWOOD (BCN/KTVU) Police investigating a report of burglaries this morning in Brentwood arrested a man on suspicion of killing his mother, a police captain said this afternoon.

Officers were dispatched to Chaucer Drive around 10:30 a.m. to look into attempted vehicle burglaries, or possibly a residential burglary that may have been interrupted when the resident came home, Capt. Doug Silva said. 

At the scene they found 29-year-old Matthew Redmond, who is a Brentwood resident, and determined that he matched the suspect description, Silva said. 

Officers detained Redmond, and he was initially cooperative. 

They gathered information that led them to conduct a welfare check at Redmond's mother's home. Matthew lived in a unit behind her house. The victim, 54-year-old Martha Redmond was found dead on the bathroom floor - allegedly the victim of a violent assault.

"Matthew is now in custody, he's being charged with the murder of his mother," Silva said. "He has not been very cooperative ever since we brought him to the Police Department."

Video shows a white car, which is one of the vehicles Redmond allegedly tried to steal. KTVU was told the car was in the driveway when he tried to carjack a woman, but she reportedly fought him off.

"I guess they were fighting for a while," said a neighbor who only gave the name Colt of the mother and son. "She's the hero because I guess if he would have gone in the house next to hers, there were two teenage girls home by themselves." 

Police say they saw Redmond on foot when they arrived on scene. They say he had blood on him and that's what led them to the crime scene at his mother's home. 

The cause of death has not yet been determined and no weapons were found at the scene.

Police say the suspect is being questioned, but is not cooperating. 

An autopsy will determine exactly how the woman died. 

KTVU's Alyana Gomez contributed to this report.