Bryan Stow talks about beating at anti-bullying school assembly

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. (KTVU) -- Giants fan Bryan Stow on Friday morning took the next step in his recovery four years after being brutally beaten by two Dodgers fans, sharing his story of survival in front of hundreds of students at a school assembly about bullying.

It was Stow's first time speaking about his 2011 attack outside Dodgers Stadium, using his attack as a teachable moment and talking to young schoolchildren at Baymonte Christian School in Scotts Valley.

"These men were adult bullies," said Stow. "I suffered severe brain damage as you can see from the scar in my head. I almost lost my life. You need to stand up to bullying. Speak to an adult, lead by example with your own actions and words."

Stow said his was message was it didn't have to be this way. His hope is to teach students at a young age to prevent what happened to him from happening to anyone else.

"His story really inspired me to look out for bullying in more areas and stop it when it starts to happen," said 6th grader Naia Neal.

"Like Bryan, if someone had stood up to those bullies when they were younger it could have changed his entire life," said 6th grader Macie Luck.

Last week, one of Stow's attackers Louie Sanchez asked a judge for mercy apologizing for the first time. He called the beating an accident.

"It was a crock," said Stow. "It sounded like he was grasping at straws to stay out of prison, which is foolish to me."

So as the two men sit in prison, the students are learning treat others with respect and kindness. Stow's focus now is turning his wounds into wisdom.

"I survived for a reason," said Stow. "I'm finding my purpose again."