Burglars cause thousands of dollars in damage to business, only to get away with $50

Rocio Bedolla said an intruder caused thousands of dollars of damage to her business, while only stealing about $50. 

"It’s terrible, you know?" said Bedolla.

The burglary occurred early Wednesday morning at Guanajuato Grill, Deli, and Bakery off Fairgrounds Drive in Vallejo

Bedolla said she was asleep when just after 2 a.m., the store’s alarm system sent her husband an alert.

By the time they arrived, the burglars were gone. 

"There was a big, big hole there. So they came inside through the hole, break the window. And take the part of the register," said Bedolla. 

She checked the store’s surveillance video and saw the break-in only took minutes. The video shows two men in front of the store. One kicks the glass windows and crawls inside. The other acts as a lookout. Once inside, the intruder is seen rummaging through drawers and grabs the drawer of the cash register, which contained $50 and some change. 

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Bedolla said, "We feel bad because we work together with my family hard. And they just came and break the window. The window is so expensive, the machine is so expensive, so everything they destroyed is expensive."

There are security gates by the front doors that lock at night to prevent burglaries. But after what happened this week, the owners are considering getting more gates to protect the entire storefront. 

Police are investigating but so far have made no arrests.