Video: Multiple Oakland businesses robbed after thieves ram cars into garage doors

Burglars rammed cars into the entrances of multiple Uptown Oakland businesses to break in over the weekend, which has left the owners in a bit of shock over what happened. 

The store owners shared surveillance videos with KTVU, which show three or four people using several different cars to carry out the break-ins.

"They took out these two Audis. The second Audi, they used to hit the garage door to open it," said one employee of an auto body shop who had surveillance videos of the crime.  

Another video showed thieves using cars to ram into metal roll-up garage doors and break into four businesses. It happened on 26th Street near Broadway at 7 a.m. Saturday.

One area business owner posted a video on social media that showed the damage the burglars left. Two auto body shops and two other businesses were targeted.  


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"I was shocked just to wake up Saturday morning and find out somebody rammed a car into our garage, our business, basically broke in," said Emily who declined to give her last name but worked for a business that was burglarized. 

She described the suspects as wearing all black with face coverings. She said the thieves appeared to take their time breaking-in.

"I don't think they're worried about being caught," Emily said. "That definitely makes me angry." 

Oakland Police said the thieves took items from each business before leaving the scene. The owners declined to say what was stolen.

"When did this start to become this bad? What do we have to do to change things? How do we stop this?" said Giovanna Tanzillo, owner of Uptown Body & Fender.    

She's the owner of a business right next door to another business that was robbed and said she's fortunate that thieves did not break into her auto body shop. 

Tanzillo said the lawlessness and disregard for others is unacceptable.  

"I'm just sad for everything that has happened because Oakland is a wonderful place to live," Tanzillo said.  

She wants the community to come together and help each other said she's planning to hold a meeting with business owners in the area to find solutions.

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