Cage-free eggs on the midterm ballot for Californians draws eyes from farmers across the country

File art -- California's Proposition 12 is drawing eyes from farmers across the country, noting that major changes to how the country's eggs are produced could come as a result (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

Ken Klippen lives in Philadelphia, but he's trying to save egg farmers in the Midwest from a ballot measure in California.

As the president of the National Association of Egg Farmers, Klippen says that Proposition 12 on the ballot in California this November, will cause "some major changes in the way eggs are produced."

The measure, which Klippen calls "precedent setting," is titled the Farm Animal Confinement Initiative. It would ban the sale of eggs in California that come from hens raised in small cages. It would do the same for pigs and calves.

That means most farmers who sell their produce in the state of California will either have to change their farming practices or lose one of the biggest markets in the country. The Association of California Egg Farmers and National Pork Producers Council both oppose the measure.