Cain Velasquez denied bail in attempted murder case

SAN JOSE, CA - MARCH 2: Cain Velasquez, center, is photographed with his attorney Alexandra Kazarian, second from right, during Velasquez’s first court appearance on an attempted murder charge at the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice on Wednesday, M

Cain Velasquez will not be released on bail as he faces attempted murder charges from a shooting that injured one person, a Santa Clara County judge ruled Monday.

Velasquez, a former champion mixed martial arts fighter, allegedly fired multiple shots at a car carrying a man accused of molesting a 4-year-old related to Velasquez.

The stepfather of the accused child molester Harry Goularte was struck by the gunfire last week. Goularte was unharmed and had been on his way to get an ankle monitor that would track him ahead of his own case when the shooting erupted.

Goularte's mother runs a daycare where Velasquez's relative was allegedly abused. 

Outside court, celebrity defense attorney Mark Geragos blasted the decision to keep his client in jail, while Goularte was free.

"This is why people are disgusted - and rightfully so - with the criminal justice system," Geragos said. "We plan on vindicating Cain. We plan on getting Cain back to his family."

Geragos added, "In 40 years of doing this, I can't believe that this is what the criminal justice system thinks is the right outcome."

The judge reportedly said that Velasquez, 39, of Gilroy, was "reckless" as he chased Goularte for miles through Santa Clara County before ramming his Ford 250 into Goularte's Chevy Silverado and opening fire in Morgan Hill. 

Velasquez faces 10 counts of attempted murder and multiple gun assault charges. 

Celebrity attorney Mark Geragos defends client Cain Velasquez outside court. March 7, 2022


"The idea that the DA would be polluting the jury pool shows our criminal justice system is broken," said Geragos. "Is there anyone who would say to a father that this is not what you should do?" 

A small group of supporters rallied for Velasquez outside the court. Some wore Free Cain T-shirts.

"The man should have never been let out of jail," Erica Trinchero, one of Velasquez's supporters, said of Goularte. She added of Velasquez, "He did what every father would do."

Velasquez is due back in court on April 12.