Calexit: Group calls for California to secede from the United States

There is growing talk about California seceding from the United States.  It's certainly far-fetched, but the movement now has some big money behind it.

Across the state, there were a lot of people disappointed with the results of this election and angry over Donald Trump's victory. 

As protesters took to the streets, on Twitter, the hashtag "Calexit" started trending as people pondered the idea of California seceding from the United States.

A group called "Yes California" held a rally held a rally outside the State Capitol in Sacramento on Wednesday.

Members of the political action committee are calling for California to withdraw from the union and become its own nation.

Their movement began 2 years ago  but it's gaining momentum after Trump's surprise win.

The California secession movement may get a financial boost. Some silicon valley venture capitalists are promising their support. 

Shervin Pishevar, whose company has invested in Uber and Airbnb,  says he will help fund a legitimate campaign to help California become it's own nation. 

Our state is the 6th largest economy in the world. Legal experts say secession is unlikely.

The Yes California campaign intends to launch an initiative for a special election to ask Californians whether they want to break away from the U.S.