California could see lowest gas prices since 2021 by Christmas

While it may remain a mystery as to why California's gasoline prices are so much higher than other states, for now, Californians are seeing substantial relief. If the downward trend continues, we could be seeing the lowest gas prices since 2021 by Christmas. 

In California, according to AAA's Fuel Gage Report, Tuesday's average price per gallon was $4.96; a dime less than a week ago and a whopping 49 cents less than a month ago. It's also 29 cents less than exactly one year ago. 

Customers at Concord Super Stop say it really is super when it comes to beating the pants on the local competition. 

"Put $40 here and it gives me a full gas tank and then if I go somewhere else, $40 is like three-quarters of a gas tank. So yeah, this guy is the best," said customer Manny Alarcon. 

Tony, who did not give his last name, is a Lyft driver. He said he also appreciates the lower prices. 

"His station…I live right down the street. It's my main station. Went down 60 cents in the last two weeks. This station." 

Across the nation, gas prices may hit their lowest Thanksgiving prices in years. 

"Last time I pulled in here, I probably had to drive around the block a couple times just to get in," said Steve Buxton, a customer filling up at the Concord station. 

The $4.47 a gallon gas in the Bay Area is still $1.30 higher than the national average. In some states, gas is under $3 a gallon. According to one price tracker, Gasbuddy, another four states could be there by Thursday and could continue to drop. 

AAA credits lower oil prices as the reason why. Nonetheless, it kinda makes you wonder, how gas can cost $4.47 here at Super Shop and just up the road, it's $5.39. 

For a car that holds 15 gallons of gas, a fill up at Concord Super Stops is priced at about $67. At the Chevron, it's almost $82, or about 20% more. 

"I think they're charging what they want, you know? It's a seller's market," said Buxton. 

"How they figure who pays what is a mystery to me," said customer Yvette Sanchez. "Like you say, why go down the street? It's 20 cents cheaper here, versus 15 over there." 


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