California GOP convention turnout one of largest on record as candidates campaign

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The California Republican convention came with clashes outside as protesters blocked Donald Trump's path into the Hyatt Regency Hotel where there was some hard campaigning inside to woo California voters who could play a critical role in the Republican presidential nomination.

At the dinner banquet Friday there were no protesters for Governor John Kasich's speech. Kasich shared his life story with the sell-out crowd of 600 who paid $100 per person to attend.

"I'm worried about a divided polarized, divided country and it does not have to be that way," Kasich said.

Kasich remains in a distant third place in the delegate count, but he said he's staying in the race because he thinks he can win.

At a press conference, KTVU asked Kasich how he could do that and whether he planned to continue partnering with Senator Ted Cruz to prevent Donald Trump from getting the 1,237 delegates needed to win outright.

"What I'm really fundamentally interested in is making sure that Hillary Clinton is not president," Kasich replied. 

"The fact is I'm the only one who consistently beats Hillary Clinton, consistently in 15-16 of the last polls," Kasich said, "The independent voters, the blue-collar conservative Democrats those are people I can win."

"I understand it's a steep climb, I didn't fall off a turnip truck on my way to California. I know it's tough, So what? I've been in tough fights. And I"m just going to keep on moving forward because I think it's critical this country has a choice," Kasich added.

Kasih spent the day in San Francisco with a town hall meeting and a fundraiser at the Nob Hill home of James Herbert, CEO of First Republic Bank.

On the convention floor, Kasich supporters said they believe he has a chance to pick up delegates in California

"He actually has a lot of support in San Francisco and the Bay Area.a great wealth of experience," said Nancy Campbell, a Kasich supporter from San Francisco, "Many San Franciscans are very comfortable with his positions, moderate to right of center."

Each candidate has a chance to get three delegates for every congressional district won in California and volunteers at each of the campaign booths worked to bring undecided voters on board.

"It's actually kind of tough because I was hoping Carly Fiorina would go along with Trump and make it easier to choose." said Christine Ibanez, a Trump supporter from Silicon Valley.

"I'm so excited to be here. I mean I've never felt more compelled to get involved. I've never been involved in politics," said I flew out to SC to volunteer with the Cruz campaign and volunteering here this weekend." it's just been an amazing experience.'

"There are supporters of all three of the remaining candidates here plus delegates who haven't made up their minds yet and their minds have to be made up in the next few days," said Harmeet Dhillon, the California Republican Party Vice-Chair.

The State Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte says this year's convention is one of the largest they've ever seen.

Senator Ted Cruz is scheduled to speak at Saturday's luncheon and Carly Fiorina, Cruz's vice-presidential nominee  if he's elected, is scheduled to speak at Saturday's dinner banquet. Both events are sold out.