California horses shot with BB gun

Park rangers in Sacramento County are investigating after two horses were shot with pellet guns.

The horses were injured Sunday about 4 p.m. at Gibson Ranch near Antelope, just northeast of downtown Sacramento.

One horse, named Ollie was shot in the chest twice. Another, a 2-year-old mare named Sweetie, was shot five times. Her owner told KCRA that she’s now nervous around people.

“Who shoots an innocent animal?” said owner Zachary Leyden. “I don’t know how somebody can get away with shooting a horse in the middle of a very public and active facility.”

Both horses are expected to be OK.

There are no leads on a suspect yet, but rangers are keeping an eye out for suspicious activity at the ranch.

Two horses were shot by a BB gun.

Sacramento County park rangers are investigating who shot horses with a BB gun.

Zachary Leyden of Trail Brothers LLC at Gibson Ranch pets his horses. (KCRA)