Teen celebrates 18th birthday as new millionaire after grandma gifts him $1M winning scratcher

California's two newest millionaires have something in common - aside from being very lucky, of course! Both won as a result of winning scratchers gifted to them by loved ones.

For Kaleb Heng, his 18th birthday will forever be remembered as the day he became a millionaire. 

"I’m pretty stoked! I certainly wasn’t expecting it," Heng told the California Lottery.

Heng's grandmother purchased the winning $1 million "Perfect Gift" scratcher at Oasis Market in Turlock. 


Winning Perfect Gift scratchers ticket / California Lottery

"My mom was driving me to go fishing, and on the way, I scratched it. We had to pull over. It was a million dollars, and I didn’t even have an ID yet!" Heng exclaimed. "We turned around and went home because I had to get an ID before I could even claim the ticket." 

Heng told the California Lottery he'll put the money toward college and his future.


Heng wasn't the only lucky Scratchers winner revealed by the California Lottery.

John Vang became a millionaire after striking big on a winning Power 10's ticket gifted to him by his brother-in-law for Christmas.


Winning Power 10s scratcher ticket / California Lottery

"I actually don’t ever play Scratchers – that’s what’s funny about it," he said. "I do play Powerball and Mega Millions, but not Scratchers."

Vang's ticket was purchased at Sunnyside Liquor & IPA Hub in Fresno.

Congrats to the new millionaires!