California mom 'hip-hops' through pregnancy despite backlash

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California mom Christina Litle is making her voice heard after a Facebook video of her dancing has gone viral. The catch? Litle is 27 weeks pregnant.

When watching the video, one might think Little can move, has energy, and some may even want to learn the choreography for themselves. Then there's the dividing line. Some social media users feel that little can be harming her baby.

The video, originally uploaded on October 8 and viewed over 6 million times, has picked up steam now that Litle is addressing her naysayers.

"Let me preface this video with, I've danced my whole life, and it is COMPLETELY safe to maintain the level of activity your body is used to while pregnant." Litle said on Facebook. " I'm not hurting my baby...the baby is not getting "Shaken baby syndrome" and no...the child is not experiencing whiplash."

This is Litle's third baby, and she says that she danced through her last two pregnancies with no problem, and that her babies were happy and healthy.

In a recent interview with, Litle said that she felt compelled to respond to her social media audience.

"Although only a few responses have been negative, it bothers me," Litle said, "because there's this stigma about women being active during pregnancy. A lot of people think you have to be sedentary, but the truth is, when you're building a human life, you're exponentially stronger than you ever imagined. This is my third pregnancy. I know what my body can handle."

Litle doesn't consider herself up to lounging around, and continues to live a very active lifestyle. She's taught at Napa High School for 11 years in the dance department.

As for Litle's next move, she plans to keep dancing.

"I do what I know my body can handle," she says. "I'm pregnant...not disabled."