California's First Dog, Sutter, dies


"It's a sad day for all who loved Sutter," wrote California Governor Jerry Brown's Deputy Press Secretary Deborah Hoffman on Friday. 

After briefly recovering from an aggressive cancer, Sutter, the state's 'First Dog', passed peacefully today with the Governor and First Lady at his side. The politician's pooch was 13. 

The dog endured an operation this past October where it was revealed that he had cancer. The governor's office said after a week and a half in a pet hospital, Sutter was able to go home, where he recuperated, regained his appetite and was able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family. 

Sutter's health deteriorated rapidly in his final days, leading to the governor and First Lady's decision to say goodbye. 

According to Gov. Brown's office, Sutter's sister Colusa (Lucy) Brown will assume duties as First Dog.