Calling it the 'San Mateo way,' mayor launches flood relief GoFundMe asking residents to help their neighbors

Flooding on North B St. in San Mateo, Calif. from flooding on Dec. 31, 2022.

With countless residents and businesses across the Bay Area dealing with major flooding from the series of storms to slam the region, the mayor of San Mateo was taking a unique approach to bring immediate aid to those affected in her city, as she turned to her community for help.

On Saturday, San Mateo Mayor Amourence Lee launched a flood relief fund on GoFundMe. "The need is so great and your donation will make a difference," she said, as she donated $250 of her own money to kick off the crowdfunding effort. 

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"As the Mayor of the City of San Mateo, the largest city in San Mateo County, I believe in the generosity and resiliency of our community," Lee wrote on her GoFundMe page. 

She said that the damage caused by the storms have hurt businesses and residents, saying many have lost "irreplaceable heirlooms and years of investments."

So she called on her community to come together to help its neighbors. 

"The need is so great and your donation will make a difference," Lee said, noting they needed to take action now to help flood victims get back on their feet. "We cannot wait for FEMA or the State, we need to step up when we see our neighbors and our local businesses in need," the mayor emphasized.

As of Monday morning, it appeared the public was heeding that call for help, with the mayor's fundraising effort resulting in more than $28K of the $30K goal. 

Lee said that the donations would go to the City of San Mateo. The next city council meeting set for January 17, she planned to ask for an emergency session to discuss how to allocate grants to help those affected by the storm damage.

"Together we can help flood victims in the City of San Mateo receive relief and support," the mayor said, calling it the "San Mateo Way."

San Mateo Mayor Amourence Lee posted this photo on Facebook on Jan. 1, 2023, saying, "Ended 2022 with a mud bath helping a friend dig out 6 inches of mud from her home - Happy New Year!" On Saturday, Jan. 7, she launched a GoFundMe to help her flood (Amourence Lee, San Mateo Mayor Facebook)

To donate to the "San Mateo Relief Fund," click here.