Campbell taste of the town

A donut shop is a donut shop right? Not when it comes to Psycho Donuts, Campbell's answer to boring donut shops.

Psycho Donuts, which has gained national attention, is anything but boring. The shop is decorated to look like a psyche ward.

Although you can get a regular looking donut here, why would you when you can choose from one of the crazy long-standing favorites like the "Canadian Morning Squeal Meal," "The Dead Elvis, or the "Cereal Killer," which is a raised square donut with vanilla icing, marshmallows and Captain Crunch.

Psycho donuts gave KTVU a behind the scenes look at their unique creations

"We have a lot of customers that have been coming for a really long time and they all have their own favorite donuts and they all tend to come back over and over again," said manager Brittney Smith.

After leaving Pyscho Donut, KTVU's Sal Castaneda needed a strong cup of coffee.

He headed to Barefoot Coffee Roasters to try their pour over coffee. So what the big deal about a pour over?

'It makes it better you pick up more of the flavors, more complex favors more of the nuances of the beans," said manager Cathy Lucas. 

The process takes about three minutes, and everything is precise from the amount of coffee used to the water temperature.

The result was delicious cup of coffee that in Sal's opinion did taste better than the average cup of Joe.