Campbell trivia: How well do you know your city?

How much do Campbellites know about their city? We took to the streets to find out if they could answer our five big questions as we get ready to "Zip-Trip" to the 95008.

For well over a century Campbell was known for its orchards. Fruit trees were everywhere, and plum  was number one!  That's how Campbell became the prune capital of the world!  The lion share of plum trees have given way to housing and big business.  In fact Campbell was the home of one of the Silicon Valley's first big titans of tech!  Can you name it??  

EBAY started in 1995 in Campbell by Pierre Omidyar.  The first item sold to a Canadian man was a broken laser pointer.  They have gone up-town since selling billions of items and are still located in the city limits of Campbell and San Jose  

Speaking of Campbell, who founded their fair city? Was it the same man that started the Campbell soup empire? No! Same name, but completely different people.  It's confusing for some because canning was a huge industry in the 1900's in the South Bay.  But Campbell' soup started in New Jersey. The town of Campbell was founded in the 1800's by William Campbell and his son Benjamin.   The city was first known as Campbell because it was a key railroad stop.  It later incorporated in 1952 into the city we know today as Campbell.  

Here's a fun fact, did you know the canning industry help spawn the fruit-cocktail salad we all love today?  It's true.  Campbell holds the "unofficial" distinction of inventing the sweet natural treat!   

Campbell is also a big baseball town! Former Giant and Twins outfielder Dan Gladden grew up in Campbell.  He got schooled in the cities Little League program which made some big news in the 1970's.  Campbell sent three teams to the Little League World Series and came ins second all three times.  These young men put Campbell on the global map toiling in Williamsport, PA in 1970, 1976 and 1979.  Pretty incredible when you consider the population of the city was around 25,000.

Campbell made headline in the 1970's for political reasons too. Residents elected the youngest mayor ever in the United States. Rusty Hammer took over in the mid 1970's at the age of 21.  The current Mayor is Rich Waterman who also runs and accounting firm in town.   

Campbell borders Los Gatos, Saratoga and San Jose and its signature water-tower greets visitors with its quaint downtown.  If you have never been to Campbell be sure and join us on June 21 as we "Zip-Trip" to the South Bay!!