Candidates for San Jose mayor campaigning until voting ends Tuesday

San Jose’s mayor’s race is coming down to the wire, setting up some potential Election night drama. Polling shows the race is tight between long-time politician Cindy Chavez and newcomer Matt Mahan.  

Both candidates for mayor say they’ll be campaigning until the polls close on Tuesday night.  

With about 24 hours to go before finding out who the next mayor will be, Chavez and Mahan are reflecting on what the last year has been like during the campaign.  

"I feel like being Mayor of San Jose and running should be hard. Right? It’s an important job and the community should put us through our paces as they make their choice," said Chavez, San Jose mayoral candidate.  

II think we’ve started a movement for common sense policy change that’s much needed. Win or lose that effort is going to continue," said Mahan.

Both Chavez and Mahan will be at their campaign headquarters as votes are tallied Tuesday night just after 8 p.m. The latest polls show that there is no front-runner and the race is too close to call.  

"We are certainly fighting an uphill battle against an established career politician, but we’ve been offering new solutions, a change in direction and the community really seems to be responding to that. Even though we’ve been outspent significantly, I like our chances," Mahan said.   

Chavez says the race has allowed her another chance to listen to the needs of people in San Jose and continue building connection through public service.  

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"To Senior citizens, to folks who are disabled who really, really want their voices heard and so matter what. Whether I am mayor of San Jose or a member of the Board of Supervisors, to continue building trust with the community," Chavez said.

Both candidates say they’ll be placing their own votes early Tuesday morning, and then they’ll go back to making phone calls and door-knocking in a final push to become San Jose’s mayor.