Car that dragged 14-year-old boy may have been stolen

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"Please! Call an ambulance!"

In pain, a 14-year-old boy pleaded for help after being dragged for blocks by a hit-and-run driver in Oakland.

"This is really a very sad case, because it could have been avoided, by stopping the car, by doing the right thing, said Officer Johnna Watson, Oakland police spokeswoman.

It happened at about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday near the Fruitvale BART Station. Police said the boy was riding to a neighborhood bike shop when he was hit by a gold Honda and pulled underneath the car.

"Instead of stopping, the car continued," Watson said. "Because of that action, it forced him under the car. He was dragged for approximately four blocks."

Cell-phone video shows the boy sprawled on the ground afterward.

Witnesses say the man in a white tank top was driving the Honda at the time of the crash. He then switched places with a woman who had been riding with him.

"The driver and the occupant then left the scene in the car," Watson said. "They drove away and several blocks later, they abandoned the car."

Police impounded the car to process it for evidence. The boy was reported to be in critical condition Thursday at a hospital.

KTVU called a phone number associated with the registered owner of the Honda. A man who answered said the family's car had been stolen and that they last saw it on New Year's Day. He said his family had "nothing to do with it" and added he hopes the boy recovers.

Police are trying to confirm that the Honda was stolen.

"At the time when our officers initially went out to the scene, the vehicle was not reported stolen," Watson said. "I will certainly follow up. We have received additional information that that may have changed."        

Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick appeared on KTVU's "The Nine," asking the two people in the car to do the right thing and come forward.

"If you're listening, or those who might know who engaged in the behavior, please call us, "Kirkpatrick said. "Let's get this behind us. Let's move on."