Carpool violator caught with doll strapped into child's car seat

The Highway Patrol says it's gotten pretty good at spotting dummies on the road.

On Thursday, CHP Contra Costa posted a photo of a doll in the back seat of a car, strapped in a child's car seat. Along with the photo was the caption, "HEY, IT’S ANOTHER DUMMY."

(CHP Contra Costa)

The carpool violator was spotted during the morning commute on a stretch of Interstate 680. The CHP noted that officers patrolling carpool lanes have gotten pretty savvy at identifying dolls used to impersonate a passenger.

"Apparently, these carpool violators don’t get it & don’t realize that we are Dummy spotter professionals when it comes to Carpool violators." 

The failed attempt to cheat the system prompted the CHP to hashtag the post "#instantkarma." 

It also offered some Facebook users to take the opportunity to have some fun at the expense of the subject who got caught.

"Yes, lots of dummies out there!!!" wrote Dori Coleman.  

Laurie Fletcher Guidry applauded the CHP for stopping the motorist and said, "Awesome job! There were 2 dummies in that car."

Brian Bauman joked, "Poor little girl can't even bend her legs."

Laurie Escamilla-Bagwell asked, "But isn’t that an emotional support doll?!"

In addition to being the center of jokes on social media, carpool lane violators can also face a pretty hefty fine. A ticket can cost a minimum of $490.