Caught on camera: Clever bear carefully opens vehicle doors to break-in

Bears have been known to be quite clever and resourceful when it comes to scavenging for food. 

And last weekend a black bear in Boulder, Colorado proved that not only does it posses some human-like skills but also demonstrated some serious persistence. 

Video caught on a Nest surveillance camera showed the bear amid a storm, breaking and entering into a snow covered vehicle.

Demonstrating impressive dexterity with its paws, the animal is seen reaching for the handle on the front passenger side door easily getting it open. 

The bear then gets inside the vehicle, rummaging around for about a minute before it decides to get out and make its way to the driver's side, where it slowly opens those doors.  

After some more rummaging inside the vehicle, the bear eventually gets out and wanders off leaving all three doors open.

The video was posted on Twitter by e-commerce system design company, Red Van Workshop, which joked, "Delicate in the way he opens all the doors, brutal indifference in remembering to shut them." 

The clever bear was likely looking to add a few pounds before going into hibernation. 

It's unclear if all of its hard work paid off.