Caught on camera: Driver crashes into six parked cars in Oakland

Oakland police have arrested a motorist who crashed into at least half a dozen parked cars Saturday night.

Oakland resident Steelee Faltis was a witness and caught the series of car crashes on camera.

Faltis was at home watching Avengers just after 10 p.m. when he heard a loud boom. He thought it was part of the movie, but it wasn't.

Faltis bolted to the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and 12th Avenue and said he saw a silver car pointed the wrong way on a one-way street. The driver had crashed into two parked cars, he said. 

"The entire airbag system is deployed," said Faltis. "It's just a cloud of airbags in there and plus the front is completely bent, it looks undriveable." 

With a wake of mangled metal in his wake, the driver took off, but within 50 feet plowed into four more parked cars, witnesses said. 

Witnesses said he then got out of the car and was falling over and combative. 

"Then he started to get up and I was like here we go again," said Faltis.

Police arrived and arrested the man, who was not injured. His name and a list of charges were not released by police Sunday.