Caught on camera: NC school resource officer violently assaults student

A student resource officer has been fired after disturbing video showed him slamming a middle school student down to the ground multiple times then dragging him.    

The vicious assault happened last Thursday, Dec. 12 at Vance County Middle School in Henderson.

The surveillance video is hard to watch. The school resource officer was walking the student, who we now know is under the age of 12, to the office when he suddenly picks the child up and slams him to the ground. The SRO does it again before yanking the student up and dragging him the rest of the way to the office. 

“I was stunned. I was shocked,” Vance County Sheriff Curtis Brame told WRAL. “Being a child that small, it reminded me of one of my grandkids."


County officials said they are taking the investigation seriously and have spoken with the child’s family. 

“Like, the sheriff said, this is disturbing,” said Vance District Attorney Mike Waters. “This is a use of force case and the sheriff, appropriately, has called in an outside agency to investigate. I’ve been able to ensure the family that this is being investigated appropriately.”   

The officer was originally placed on paid leave. It is not known if he is facing any criminal charges at this time. 

This story was reported on from Charlotte, N.C. with content courtesy of WRAL