Caught on camera: Thieves stealing wallets from elderly victims at East Bay grocery stores

Authorities in the East Bay are searching for a pair accused of preying on elderly women during the COVID-19 pandemic and stealing their wallets as they grocery shop, authorities said.

According to the Walnut Creek Police Department, one incident occurred on May 2 at a grocery store in the city and another theft happened on April 30 in Concord. 

Police released several videos of the theft in Walnut Creek which shows one of the suspects come up on side of the elderly victim and as she is looking away, the suspect swipes her wallet. 

Officers said the duo made off with the victim's credit card, cash, identification, and social security card. 

Authorities said after both incidents, the suspects made fraudulent charges with the victims' credit cards. 

In the Concord theft, police said one of the suspects was wearing a Tupac "Poetic Justice" T-shirt with neon pink shorts. The second suspect is possibly pregnant and was wearing a black Nike T-shirt and leggings.