Celebrate National Donut Day with these delicious donut facts

Everyone loves donuts, and in honor of National Donut Day, here are some delightful donut facts you may not know:

  • America produces 10 billion donuts every year, by far the most in the world, although Canada has the most donut shops per capita of any country in the world.
  • Boston has the most donut shops per person of any city with one donut shop for every 2,480 people.
  • During World War I, the Salvation Army fed donuts to hungry American troops to remind them of home and to keep them in high spirits.
  • There’s a reason donuts have holes: It allows them to cook more evenly, which bakers discovered in the 19th century.
  • The biggest donut ever made was a jelly donut that weighed 1.7 tons.
  • The shorter spelling of donut was popularized by the Dunkin’ Donuts chain, but whether you spell it “donut” or “doughnut,” both are acceptable.

And no matter how you spell it, there’s one fact about donuts that everyone can agree on: they’re absolutely delicious. Happy National Donut Day!