Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with these facts about Ireland you might not know

Sure, you know all about shamrocks and leprechauns, but in honor of St. Patrick’s day, here are some facts about Ireland you probably didn’t know:

  • Though most people in Ireland speak English, 10% of Ireland still regularly speak Irish (you might call it Gaelic) and 38% of adults are classified as “Irish speakers.” Both languages are still recognized as the official language of Ireland.
  • You probably think of Ireland when you think of Guinness, but nobody loves Guinness as much as Nigeria, where Guinness sales are actually higher than Irelands.
  • Legend has it that in the fifth century A.D. St. Patrick himself rid the island of Ireland of snakes. But while it is true that Ireland doesn’t have any native snakes, according to Popular Science the truth is that Ireland has never had snakes.
  • Did you know that the submarine is an Irish invention? Same with color photography and the first-ever flavored potato chip.
  • And if you feel like you’ve had a bit too much to drink on St. Patrick’s Day, why not have a soda water instead? That’s Irish too, and it’ll probably leave you with less of a headache the next day.

No matter if you’re Irish or just enjoy a well-poured Guinness, we can all agree that the world is a better place thanks to the Irish. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!