Celebrations seen throughout Bay Area in honor of Veterans

Several Bay Area communities recognized the sacrifices of America’s servicemembers on Veterans Day.

Former servicemembers came together to light up the Mount Diablo beacon in Danville Saturday night.

It’s a rare sight in honor of those who have answered the call to serve like retired Army Col. Alan Kalin.

"Most veterans will say it was an honor serving the country," Kalin said.

The beacon only shines three times a year on Pearl Harbor Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day, so future generations will remember their sacrifices.

"Veterans Day is about honoring the veterans," 10-year-old January Karbowski said.

Dennis Stogner served 18 months in Vietnam repairing helicopters like the Huey.

"They flew all day and all night and doing maintenance on them was very limited," Stogner said. "You’d rush in, get it done, and get them in the air as soon as possible."

In San Jose, a parade brought together all ages to salute those who’ve served.

"Thank you for all the veterans and the sacrifices they made for the country," Veteran Lloydirto Bartido said.

The USS Hornet Museum in Alameda has a storied history dating back to WWII.

The aircraft carrier’s crew would go on to recover the first men to walk on the moon after returning from the Apollo 11 mission.

The astronauts’ first footprints back on Earth are outlined on the hangar deck.

Vice Admiral Daniel Dwyer, an Alameda native, went aboard Saturday to honor his fellow service members.

"A day for us to remember the sacrifice and service of so many Americans who have served our United States military," Dwyer said.

The Hornet is celebrating its 80th anniversary of being commissioned and its 25th year as a museum, keeping history alive.

"Remember the veterans. Take a moment to thank them," Kalin said.

The newly restored flight deck of the historic aircraft carrier saw nearly 5,000 visitors on Veterans Day, taking advantage of free admission.

Below deck, close to 100 people, mostly teens, took part in a sleepover.

They dined in the mess hall, to get a taste of what it was like for the many servicemembers who once called the Hornet home.