Centenarian gold medal swimmer going strong as she gets ready to celebrate 102nd birthday

Senior Games Gold medal swimmer Mary B. Jackson won't let a few falls and broken bones stop her.

The Massachusetts resident with strong ties to the Bay Area recently returned to the water after nine months of staying out of the pool to recuperate.

Jackson has competed multiple times in the National Senior Games, also referred to as the Senior Olympics. Along the way she's stacked up some 25 medals for swimming.

She recently suffered two major falls which led to six broken ribs and staples in her head.

"We all thought it was the end...but nope! She keeps on kickin'!" wrote granddaughter Alexis Bernstein on her Facebook page.

Jackson's family couldn't be prouder, as they gear up to celebrate birthday number 102 come August. 

The elite senior athlete began competing nationally at the ripe age of 92.