Central Coast sea otter pup rescued after encounter with shark

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A male sea otter pup was rescued on the Central Coast after he was apparently bit several times by a shark. 

Felicia Pfleger was walking her dog in the morning last week at Carmel Beach when she came across the injured otter. Pfleger  tells KTVU, "He was washed ashore and didn't seem to have a desire or ability to swim back into the water. There was a visible wound on his side and it was obvious he was a baby otter, with the mother nowhere in sight."

Pfleger says the otter was alert and active. She, along with another beachgoer, both called Carmel Police.  

Police contacted the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As she waited for police, Pleger recorded video of the otter. She was happy to see he was active and alert. 

The person from the Aquarium who responded told Pleger they believed the sea otter's mother had been killed by the shark since she was not in the area.

The otter pup had sustained two relatively superficial lacerations to his right side, according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

The otter was safely transported in a crate back to the aquarium. 

The otter was in the ICU last week as staff attempted to stabilize him. The otter has since been stabilized and is adjusting to life at the aquarium. "He remains under medical care due to a significant anemia and some evidence of potential infection associated with the bite wounds," according to aquarium staff. 

The otter is getting fluids and antibiotics daily. 

At this point, additional details have not been released.