Chabot Observatory captures stunning lunar eclipse over Bay Area

We're in the final phases of the only total lunar eclipse of this year.

In case you didn't get up early enough to see the entire thing. 

We captured video of how the Blood Moon looked near Danville at 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday. 

Notably, this Blood Moon was a combination of May's full Flower Moon – which is classified as a supermoon – and a total lunar eclipse.

The Bay Area doesn't always have clear skies, so as always, the astronomers at Chabot Observatory in Oakland made sure everyone could get a good view as the moon appeared to turn orange-ish red.

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Super 'Blood Moon' lunar eclipse enthralls viewers

People from around the world joined Chabot's live stream, and some of them asked the astronomers about what they were seeing.

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves into the shadow of the Earth.

That's caused when the sun, the Carth and the moon all line up, and the earth blocks sunlight from getting to the moon's surface, leaving it in a rusty-looking shadow.

The next lunar eclipse is May of next year.

The best views will be here on the West Coast, again, as well as Australia and Southeast Asia.