Changes prompted by 2 Investigates in 2017

From major injustices to public corruption, KTVU’s 2 Investigates team is committed to shining the spotlight on unscrupulous activity in the Bay Area and holding those responsible accountable. It’s a mission our investigative reporters, producers and photojournalists take seriously and will carry into the new year. 

The year started out with multiple cases of landlords accused of forcibly evicting tenants, one by demolishing an Oakland home while a man still lived inside. After the 2 Investigates report, the city of Oakland sued that landlord sending a message to other homeowners to consider other options before pushing tenants out. 

In an investigation that spanned the Bay Area and country, 2 Investigates looked into claims that a San Francisco-based babysitting agency was stiffing its staff. Our investigation sparked a criminal investigation by San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the business, Wondersitter, closed permanently.

2 Investigates also went to Sacramento for answers after uncovering staggering statistics on Bay Area freeway shootings, some of them deadly. Since then, police chiefs, the CHP and prosecutors teamed up, and new cameras were put up to keep drivers safe. 
These are just some examples of 2 Investigates’ top investigations of change for 2017. For 2018, we will again rely on your inside information or knowledge of wrongdoing, misspent money and those taking advantage of others. 
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