Changes to CA vaccine distribution and tweaks to tier reopening

The state of California is making a change to its COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Wednesday evening, administration officials announced they will begin putting aside 40% of all vaccine doses for the "most vulnerable" communities.

The plan is to distribute them across 400 zip codes based on a number of factors including household income, education and housing status.

More details were expected to be announced Thursday. 

Administration officials say that is the latest effort that could help speed up county reopenings.

Facing a recall and criticism, Governor Gavin Newsom Wednesday said the state is talking about slight changes to the state's reopening tier system.

"We want to incorporate vaccination rates into the tiering and that will allow people to move more quickly through the tiers. But we're not resetting the tiers," said Newsom.

One year into the pandemic, there is both hope with the vaccine along with frustration about California's ongoing restrictions.

"The social distance has been tough. Or not being able to see anyone! My bubble has been very small so it would be nice to open the bubble a tad bit," said Laurie Creedon of Walnut Creek.

Hundreds of Californians are still dying every day from the coronavirus, yet some key figures are moving in a better direction.

The state's test positivity rate has dropped to 2.2%, and hospitalizations and cases are also falling.

Stanford infectious disease expert Dr. Anne Liu says while the numbers are encouraging, she worries history will repeat itself and people will relax too much too soon.

"Kid's sports are getting going, a lot of schools are reopening, but we can really only do those things safely if people continue to mask on a regular and routine basis," said Dr. Liu. "I think if we relax too soon with mask wearing, then there will be a fourth wave."