Charges filed in Concord teen's death

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Concord police held a news conference Tuesday evening where they identified a 17-year-old boy who was shot outside Olympic Continuation High School's campus on Monday. 

Lawrence Janson was a senior at the school. His parents, stepfather Raul Bravo and Jeanine Janson, came to a growing memorial outside his school on Tuesday. "He didn't deserve this," Bravo said. "Cowards, cowards taking my son's life."

"He was a good boy. He was my baby," said his mother. "We want the people to be caught."

"He didn't deserve this," Bravo added. "I just want justice." 

Police Lieutenant Nick Gartner said five males, all from Concord were arrested Monday night and one was arrested on Tuesday and that they are a mix of adults and juveniles. 

On Wednesday Concord Police detectives presented the murder case to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office and filed charges against 4 people. Kristhiam Uceda, a 20-year old Concord resident, was charged with murder. Bryan Sermeno-Chachagua, an 18-year old Concord resident, was charged with hiding the gun after the shooting.  A 17-year old Concord male was charged with murder for driving the involved car. Another 17-year old Concord male was charged with hiding the gun after the shooting No charges were filed against a 5th male juvenile.  Concord police did not release the names of the juveniles. 

Lt. Gartner said the murder weapon, a handgun, was recovered as well as the vehicle that went to the murder scene and fled were both recovered and that the shooter was an adult. 

Gartner would not say how many people were in the suspect vehicle at the time of Janson's death, but he did say there were no documented gang members in custody in relation to this case. 

One parent at the news conference questioned the school's security, but police said the murder was not connected to the school. 

Police interviewed witnesses and obtained surveillance video from the school in their investigation, which led to the swift arrests. 

Janson's fellow students as well as school staff and police are offering the family their condolences. 

Through tears, friends left farewell messages and flowers. They say they're at a loss as to why anyone would want to kill a well-liked student who was into wrestling and football. 

"I'm not sure who would want...what kind of monster would want to do this," said Raymond Burke, a friend of Lawrence's. 

I've known him since he was in 6th grade, so he was an energetic kid, fun and he always had a smile on his face around campus here," said his principal, Lynsie Castellano.