Childcare program opens for Vallejo healthcare workers, first responders and essential employees

FILE PHOTO: Small boy playing with little wood toys at home on the floor learning colors and counting.

The Solano County Emergency PopUp Childcare Program is now open to healthcare workers, first responders, disaster service workers and essential employees working in Vallejo.

The program is coordinated by First 5 Solano on behalf of the Solano County Office of Emergency Services. The free program is not available to the general public and drop-in child care is not available.

A partial list of essential employees eligible for the program includes workers in grocery stores, food banks, food delivery, gas stations, auto repair facilities, transportation suppliers, banks, water, sewer, solid waste and electrical operations, hardware stores, construction, laundry services and telecommunications, internet and media services.

Solano Public Health recommends having children stay at home with household members as the best child care option, but realizes that is not always feasible.

To apply for the program, parents and guardians must fill out a questionnaire. They will be contacted within 24 hours by First 5 Solano/the Office of Emergency Services to verify information and locate the best placement for a child or children.

Parents and guardians must confirm eligibility and acceptance within 24 hours of placement, and must attend on the first day they accept care or notify the program if their need for care is delayed.

Once assignment to a location is made, parents must complete a registration form that includes health, medical, dietary and emergency contact information.

For more information about placement, call (707) 784-1338, and for information about documents or logistics call (707) 784-1335.