CHP assists stranded hot-air balloon passengers in Napa Co.

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California Highway Patrol (CHP) air divisions operations assisted stranded hot-air balloon passengers Tuesday morning near Napa County's Devil's Slough near the airport.

The grounded balloon was spotted around 7 a.m. by the CHP crew, which was preparing for their first flight of the day.

The balloon was inflated, but grounded and had landed on a thin strip of land.

The CHP plane was able to make contact with the 17 passengers aboard the balloon through the airplane’s public address system.

CHP had determined through their cameras as well as through hand signals from the passengers that none of them were injured.

A CHP helicopter was then brought in to make several flights to get the passengers to safety from Devil’s Slough to an open area at the end of a Milton Road landing zone.

According to CHP, the helicopter is equipped with a rescue hoist containing 165 feet of cable which is routinely used to lift patients and rescuers up to a cumulative weight of 450 pounds.