CHP investigating link between two recent I-80 shootings

California Highway Patrol says two recent shootings on Interstate 80 in San Pablo and Pinole appear to be related and they want the public's help in finding those responsible.

The incidents occurred along a busy stretch of the interstate used by drivers on a daily basis. Now, some are telling KTVU the shootings are causing them to re-think their commute.

"A car crash is one thing when you get into a car. But I don't expect to be in danger from a gun,'' said Amanda Howard of Pinole.

Motorists said they are now apprehensive as they drive on Interstate-80 after learning there has been two shootings in eight days.

Tuesday night’s incident happened around 11 p.m. and was the most recent shooting on the Interstate eastbound near Pinole Valley Road.

According to CHP, someone pulled up alongside a man and a woman in their 20s to 30s whom investigators are not identifying and opened fire.

The man died, but the woman who was shot in the arm is expected to survive.
"It's very scary. I drive 80 whenever I need to go somewhere," said Howard.
"In the past week, there has been two shootings on Interstate 80," said CHP Officer Clayton Nett.

The first shooting was late Monday afternoon, November 2nd, just after 4 o’clock.
A man in his 20s was shot along I-80 near San Pablo Dam Road.

Officers discovered the male driver in a tan Hyundai suffering from gunshot wounds.
He survived.
"There's evidence to suggest both these shootings are related to each other. The evidence that CHP has discovered cannot be released at this time because it is an ongoing investigation," said Officer Nett.

CHP is not releasing a description of the getaway vehicle or any possible suspects, only that the motive appears to be gang related and that the victims were targeted.

Investigators are asking for help from anyone who saw anything suspicious prior, during or after the shootings.

"Somebody is holding a piece of the evidence that we need. We encourage the public to contact CHP," said Officer Nett.

Highway Patrol said drivers do not need to be concerned for their safety because the shootings are not random.
"Nevertheless, everybody's in danger. It's troubling," said Kari Vainio of Pinole.
"I would have thought taking side streets would be more scary because you're at stoplights. People can come up to you, carjack you. Now to hear that highways are scarier, it's definitely changing the way I'm thinking about my commute," said Howard.

In the meantime, CHP told KTVU officers are stepping up patrols along Interstate 80.


CHP are actively seeking witnesses in both cases and encourage anyone who saw anything, whether it be what occurred before or even after the incident, to contact the CHP’s tip line at 1-800-TELL-CHP.