CHP investigating two road-rage related highway shootings in Contra Costa County

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The California Highway Patrol is now investigating two freeway shootings that happened Wednesday night in Contra Costa County, where bullets flew, but luckily, no one was hurt.

The first shooting was reported on Interstate 680 near Treat Boulevard at 9:45  p.m., followed by another shooting on Highway 4 near Concord about 11 p.m. 

Officers say the two are not connected but both were motivated by road rage.

“It’s getting tiring,” CHP Officer Nathan Johnson said. “This aggression on the highway.” The CHP has noted there have been more than 100 highway shootings in the Bay Area in the past year, many motivated by gang activity and road rage. 

In the first shooting, the driver told the CHP that the suspect first threw bottles at him, shattering his car window. When he arrived home, he discovered a bullet fragment in his car, Johnson said.
In the second shooting, shots were fired at a vehicle traveling east on Highway 4 near Port Chicago Highway and the Willow Pass offramp near Concord. The driver of car that was shot drove to Antioch before stopping. The CHP towed the bullet-ridden car back to headquarters.